Saturday, November 28, 2009

Teextile & Tilteed Today

You'll notice a few banners that I added, these are for a great website full of tons of shirts. It's called T-Shirt Hell. If you like funny/offensive t-shirts then I urge you to take a look through their catalog. This is an area that I haven't covered at all since I started this blog so I thought maybe I'd expand the horizon a little bit. Feedback would be awesome.

They are having a 20% off of everything sale until the 29th if you want to steal a few shirts for cheap. They are made to order so theres no selling out involved. You can even customize each shirt to fit your style, if you like American Apparel, they have it. If you want a hooded sweatshirt, they have that too. You can even pick the color of shirt you want. Take a gander at T-Shirt Hell.

Now on to todays features from Teextile and Tilteed:


Tri-angular - by Xul1349

Pizza Slice - by leech


Have you ever danced with the devil - by Oiseau

Super Featherweight Champion - by zerobriant

You can still use this dicount code in the Design By Humans store for 10% off - M7VYZP - It's good until December 9th but their holiday sale ends Monday so take a look sooner rather than later.

Now, I am off to work. Have a good weekend everyone!



  1. Thanks for the post Jen!! :) I hope they could print it soon:)