Friday, June 26, 2009

New Sites Added & Pluck Skull by spokeduck on Metal Ink

I found a couple of new sites to include in my blog, and those are Ink-Hound, and Metal Ink. Ink-Hound is pretty cool and unique because not only do they sell shirts but they also include hats in their product lines. Submitting and voting is pretty much the same except for there are two categories, one for hats and one for shirts. Nifty.

Metal Ink on the other hand is your typical t-shirt design voting website, BUT, with tattoo art. Its a really sweet site I encourage you all to take a look. I do warn you though that some of the content on their site isn't well suited for younger viewers, so 18 and over kids. Now, on to today's design.


This design called Pluck Skull is up for voting on Metal Ink, its by a designer from Thailand who goes by spokeduck. I like this design because he illustrates everything himself. There doesn't seem to be too much obvious computer work done. I think I would like it more with color, like blue or green. But its just as well the way it is. Head on over and give it a 10!

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