Saturday, June 13, 2009

She Doesn't Rest - by 83Grafik on Teextile


This one interesting, a lot of vector work. But I like the colors and the placement on the shirt. The designer on Teextile is 83Grafik. Check out his other design as well its pretty cool too!


  1. hey i just checked out your blog for the first time and like it. one suggestion is maybe let people suggest shirts for you (i dont know if you already let that happen or not but if you do i have a design up for voting and would love to here what you think)

    check it out on its called "Where is the Love" and its by me (cARtOoNer)

  2. Cartooner, thats a sad attempt to get votes. U suck.
    83's design is awesome and i hope they print it.

  3. Right now I don't take requests because I would rather find designs that I think are worthy on my own rather than being bombarded with emails from people begging to be listed.